This week my English class was instructed to view and read two other blog-post form the second six-weeks. I quickly found a nice post on excessivelycaffinated’s blog post. The post voices what I find to be the hardest part of Christianity to comprehend, “God is supposed to love us all, right?” Their post was written in response to lyrics written by Noah Gundersen. The two paragraph response voiced lots of questions that came up with the hypocrisy of religion and confusion given by her faith. Additionally, I would like the add that I love the URL name.

I had to post about Tim O’Brien’s interview as well as rubbishsemantic, and turns out my feelings were the same as what they out on their blog post. Two points the post mentioned from the interveiw was the author’s use of himself in the novel and adding distance between himself and Vietnam.  I was surprised because their points were what I found most interesting in the interveiw.